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To practice the art of vulnerability means to open yourself up to physical or emotional attack. Sounds scary, right? Why would I intentionally do this to myself? Here is what we know: We are human and we are made for connection. Being our authentic selves and practicing vulnerability is actually what allows meaningful connection to happen AND to deepen. Contrary to popular belief, the truest ways to feel love, respect, and value in our relationships is through our own willingness to be vulnerable. The deepest and most long-standing connections between people happen at the deepest level of our emotion. The big, scary uncomfortable emotions, as well as feelings of love, interest and desire.


We are all are worthy of a space where we can explore this aspect of ourselves. There is power in vulnerability--in being part of the shared experience of NOT always having it all together. Of being able to feel deeply. Simply put, feeling all the feels is the fullest expression of ourselves, and can open us up to limitless opportunities.