So what do I do?

Vulnerability is openness, however we understand that we cannot be vulnerable with everyone all the time. So this is not a practice that has to involve sobbing with strangers on the subway. First, you choose- you choose your inner circle-whoever that may be. And then, the practice begins. This may look different depending on who you are, but the main focus is to share your story authentically. Discuss how it impacted you, how you were feeling at the time and how it feels to share it. This can be something(s) from the past and can also include setting an intention to convey stories about your day- to -day life to the important people in your support network in an authentic way. No more responding to "How are you?" with "I'm fine, good, alright", knowing that at that moment you are crumbling on the inside. The goal is to find a space to be authentically you. In doing this we enhance our expression of ourselves and deepen our relationships.


We are passionate about this project and would like to hold a space for this work. We are accepting stories of vulnerability and authenticity and will post them (anonymously if you prefer) on this page and or on instagram. Click below for contact info.